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My name is Kashif. I live in the heart of silicon valley and have been living here for a very long time. My passion is engineering, technology and traveling. My email is Please feel free to contact if you have any suggestion or comments on any of my posts.

Unconventional guide to becoming a leader and being a leader

Kashif Javaid I recently took Advanced Leadership class in Santa Clara University as a part of my MSEE program. Class discussion took turn from conventional view of becoming a leader to philosophical yet practical view. Becoming a leader and being … Continue reading

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LTspice Lesson 1: Generating IV curves

Kashif Javaid “Never perform a measurement or simulation without first anticipating the results you expect to see.” ~Eric Bogatin’s Rule # 9 Learn these spice commands: .dc .param In these 10 lesson series, we will explore LTspice circuit simulator. Assumption is … Continue reading

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Tales of a system design that worked

Early in my career at National Semiconductor (now merged with Texas Instrument), we were spitting out 7+ different audio chips each quarter in a fiscal year. Some of them were brand new design or some were just a little tweak … Continue reading

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A Concise Guide To Patagonia Torres del Paine W-Trek

Life is all about pushing yourself to the limit and knowing little details that makes the life so worth living in which appreciation manifest.  Kashif Javaid Wow, what an adventure and thrill we just experienced in one of world true … Continue reading

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Excel VBA automation with multiple files

Kashif Javaid In the course of one career, there may be more than one occasion where one need to pull some data from one or multiple excel spreadsheets into another main spreadsheet for summary or management update. This can typically be … Continue reading

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10 everyday items replaced by iPhone or other digital devices

by Kashif Javaid Yes, iPhone is the first smart phone where it made the leap to touch screen interface and started apps revolution. Here is my list. Please add your items to comments section below: 1) Digital Alarm clock- who … Continue reading

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Multilayer Ceramics Capacitor (MLCC)

 By Kashif Javaid Now a days any modern portable electronic device has almost exclusively multilayer ceramics capacitors in it. In a typical cellphone, hundreds of these little critters as small as 0.3mm width to 0.6mm length are all over the … Continue reading

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Stanford University – Silicon valley pump house – 2nd Tour

This is one of my favorite tour. I just can’t believe a walk in a university could be that rewarding, but this is no ordinary school; it has pumped out constant stream of engineers and entrepreneurs for generations. Check out … Continue reading

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Birth of Silicon Valley – First Tour

By Kashif Javaid If you have an hour or two, you can take this Silicon Valley 10 mile driving tour and be  part of the high-tech that created Silicon Valley. Cities covered: Palo Alto, Mountain View, CA Start with Portola … Continue reading

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