Stanford University – Silicon valley pump house – 2nd Tour

This is one of my favorite tour. I just can’t believe a walk in a university could be that rewarding, but this is no ordinary school; it has pumped out constant stream of engineers and entrepreneurs for generations. Check out the pictures below and map to follow as I suggested.

  1. Cactus Garden/Stanford Mausoleum/Angel of grief
  2. Cantor Art Museum and Rodin Sculpture Garden
  3. Engineering Quad/Main Campus tour
  4. Hoover Tower
  5. Discovery Walk
  6. Red Barn
  7. Head for dish for the hike or go shopping in Stanford Mall

About ExploreSilicon

My name is Kashif. I live in the heart of silicon valley and have been living here for a very long time. My passion is engineering, technology and traveling. My email is Please feel free to contact if you have any suggestion or comments on any of my posts.
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